I wish i lived in the 1950s before chivalry was dead.
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American soldier with his English girlfriend in Hyde Park, London, 1944.
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Johnny Depp, 1995
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cute meringue ghosts.

"…Who am I to judge?”
As a human being, whether an individual is a man, woman, or in between like gays and lesbians, and even those bisexuals, no one can judge anyone by just looking their physical aspects. How can you tell what kind of people they are without knowing their stories? That’s inhumane.
As long as they look like humans, they have eyes, nose, lips, skin, like human, and they can talk, THEY ARE STILL HUMAN and everyone of them deserves a respect we show and acquire to everyone. 
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the difference between your opinion and garlic bread is that i like and ask for garlic bread

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